November 15, 2019

Guide to Climbing And Its Types

Climbing is a task using an individual’s hand, feet, or anybody’s party to climb up a topography or structure. Climbing is also counted to be the adventure activity that is carried along by millions of people to explore a new aspect of their lives. In this article we would be discussing the actual meaning of climbing and many other types of climbing which you might not have heard before. To know the exciting aspects of climbing, keep reading this article.


This activity of climbing got started in the 1880s in Lake District, peak district, Wales in Great Britain, Saxony nearby Dresden along with the Dolomites. The father of climbing is known to be as W.P.Haskett. So this is the history of climbing.

Types of climbing 

Most individuals are unaware of climbing and its multiple aspects. They perceive it as just a usual activity of climbing up but nothing else. In this, you would grasp various types and their importance. As the climbing is of multiple sorts so it is not possible to cover all the aspects in a single article so here we would be discussing its top four types. To stay updated, keep reading the following information.

  1. Bouldering: bouldering is to be understood as the basis of climbing activity. It is a task of climbing which is carried upon small rocks and artificial walls. It is done for practice and is likely taken by beginners who are willing to learn the art of climbing. These small rocks are known to be boulders. In this, no harness and safety measures are used.
  2. Canyon: it is the basic art of climbing on the buildings and artificial structures. As similar to bouldering, it is also carried on without using safety measures and any equipment. So this is only carried by the professionals since the climbing is of high peek buildings and might be risky for the beginners. So it is advisable for beginners who are not well trained should not perform this kind of climbing.
  3. Free climbing: free climbing is the most common type of climbing which is carried by zillions of people. In this particular type of climbing, you climb the huge rocks, and the climber can use safety equipment and other protective measures, but you cannot use those types of equipment that can aid in the climbing process.
  4. Ice climbing: ice climbing can be understood by its name only. In this form of climbing the climber climbs the massive ice formed rocks, frozen waterfalls, cliffs and multiple other ice formed structures. In thi8s, every possible measure is used for protection and safety also such measures which can assist one to speed up the process.

Climbing can also seem like a motivation source. One can learn multiple things more climbing such as enthusiasm and the motivation, and dedication to always keep rising and growing upwards. So this was an essential yet informative guide to climbing and its types.